Why use a Wireless Headset?

Jabra Pro 9450 Duo Headset from IP Connect

Whilst corded headsets work in many environments, the freedom to move while continuing conversations is fast becoming a necessity. With a wireless headset, employees can move throughout the building and remain connected to ipconnectl communication systems, improving productivity and collaboration.

More freedom:

Wireless headsets allow office-based workers to carry on working away from their desks. Whether they need to move around the office to find a file, collaborate with a colleague or simply stretch their legs, there is no need to ever miss a call again.

Sennheiser DW Pro 2 Headset from IP Connect

User benefits:

Clearer calls: When staff can hear and be heard, conversations are more effective and efficient. Instead of adding to the time and stress involved in having to repeat what is being said, noise-cancelling wireless headsets improve call accuracy and reduce audio pollution.

Superior comfort: With office workers spending an average of up to three hours a day on the phone , wireless headsets help to improve well-being.

With no need to cradle or hold a handset, one study found that users experienced 54% less neck pain, 25% less back pain and 44% fewer headaches with wireless.

Plantronics CS520 Headset from IP Connect

Increased Productivity: Resolve complex calls faster with easy access to expert colleagues and information Introducing wireless headsets can give your team the freedom to resolve even complex calls faster through easier access to expertise.

This could mean talking to colleagues with specialist knowledge; consulting a physical file or document; or reaching out to a manager for advice. This helps solve more customer issues faster, first time, reducing the need for call transfers or call backs.

Reduce missed calls: Never miss an important customer call No longer just for customer service employees, wireless headsets are increasingly popular for professional staff such as financial advisors, consultants, bankers and lawyers who often work around their office, away from their desks.

A professional wireless headset that connects to multiple phones is the ideal way to make sure these workers avoid missing an important customer call.

93% report they are more productive with a wireless headset

Going wireless can result in increased productivity for your organisation and higher customer satisfaction, as calls are resolved more efficiently. Your employees will also appreciate not being tethered to their desks and having a more flexible headset solution.

Making the case Wireless headsets can make sense for your business and have the potential to transform your customer experience along the way.

Evaluate your key customer service challenges:

  1. Average call handling time –  Are call durations increasing because of complexity or longer hold times?
  2. Call transfers –  Are more calls being transferred or escalated than you would expect?
  3. Missed calls – Does your team have higher than expected levels of missed calls?

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 Source: Plantronics & Jabra