The All New Focus 2

In this new era of hybrid working, professional-grade tools make all the difference between meetings that feel like the team is back together again or feeling worlds apart.

To ensure all meeting participants have an equitable seat at the table – whether they’re sitting in the conference room or working from a kitchen table – it’s best to invest in a quality headset that blocks out distracting noises, improves the sound of your voice, and protects your focus like the treasure that it is.

Poly have created just the tool for the job…

Introducing the all-new Microsoft Teams and Zoom Compatible Voyager Focus 2 premium Bluetooth headset.


  • Three levels of Advanced Digital Hybrid Active Noise Canceling (ANC).
  • Advanced multiple microphone noise canceling with Acoustic Fence technology in a discreet boom.
  • Stereo sound for calls and media/music.
  • Dynamic Mute Alert senses and tells you when talking while muted.



  • Stay comfortable during a full day of calls wearing an ultra-comfortable headband with sling and plush ear cushions.
  • Enjoy the simplicity of an easy-to-use headset with smart sensors for answering calls, pausing music and instantly muting calls.
  • Give those around you a visual cue that you’re busy—an online ear cup indicator flashes when you’re on a call.
  • It just works—the smart microphone boom automatically maintains left and right audio no matter which side the headset is worn


Compare the Voyager Focus 2 with older Model, Voyager Focus UC B825:

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Source: Plantronics