Modern offices are changing from quiet
cubicles to open—and noisy—spaces that
hinder clear communication.

The way people work is changing, and companies are changing their workspaces to keep up. Employers are arming their workers with technologies to make communication in new, noisy environments intuitive and enjoyable.

Smart companies are finding that you can get more productivity from less space: Open-plan layouts supported by Unified Communications encourage collaboration and what we call “Smarter Working.” This holistic approach redefines the workplace to support communication, collaboration, and concentration.

Noise pollution can have a big impact on employee productivity. Managing audio in an open office is critical. Workers need singular control over multiple devices to communicate and collaborate. They need to easily manage a desk phone, PC, and mobile phone—so that they can focus on work instead of fiddling with gadgets.

Great audio equipment that works seamlessly with any device makes the goal of Unified Communications a reality. Employees need an immersive audio experience powered by our highly engineered, technically advanced headsets to help them concentrate in a noisy open space. If your employees can’t work with ease and comfort, your UC rollout won’t meet expectations.

Plantronics Blackwire 725
The Blackwire 725 empowers workers in an open office.

69% of employees are dissatisfied with noise levels at their primary workspace.

(2013 Gensler Workplace Survey, June 2013)

53% of employees are disturbed by others when trying to focus.

(2013 Gensler Workplace Survey, June 2013)

62% of 343 respondents say improved employee collaboration is a top business driver for UC.

(State of Unified Communications, April 2014)

The growth of cloud, big data, and social media will make UC more critical to the business than ever.

(Frost & Sullivan, Feb. 2015)

Through 2017, 30% of UC projects won’t meet objectives because the solution doesn’t meet user needs.

(Gartner Strategic Planning Assumption, July 2014)

Source: Plantronics