Make your space ready.

From the noise levels in your offices to the density of wireless devices to the hygiene of your equipment, we can help you create the best possible environment for communications with their professional services.

Prepare your systems and space for success. Your business environment is where your communications happen, so it pays to get it right. IP Connect brings a wealth of  expertise in creating the best conditions for communications and they customize their services to your unique needs.

1. Headset Best Practices Training

Get the most from your people and your headsets

A good headset can improve communications and boost productivity, but only if it’s used correctly and taken care of well. Headset Best Practices Training will teach you the best ways to use products, from how to set them up and wear them to how to use features and shortcuts.

The result? Better audio quality, more-professional communications, higher productivity, and
improved call resolution.


What is covered:

  • The correct setup for all headsets.
  • Tops to improve audio quality on calls.
  • How to position the microphone to ensure optimal transmit quality and maximum transmit noise reduction.
  • Hygiene guidelines to comply with health and safety requirements.
  • Speech impact improvements.

2. Noise Assessment Audit

Manage noise in your work environment.

Background noise is a common problem in many work environments. Voices, music, machines, outside traffic, and even infrastructure can distract your people, cause mistakes, and reduce productivity. As a result, people may use other sounds, such as music, to block out the original noise, only adding to the problem.

The first step to solving this problem is to understand it. The Plantronics’ Noise Assessment Audit is a flexible service that helps you measure the noise exposure in your workplace and the impact it has on your people.

Two levels of audit

We offer two different levels of assessment to suit your needs and challenges:

  • A Basic Assessment benchmarks the noise exposure in your environment, pinpoints hot spots where the noise is greatest, and identifies the largest contributors to the problem. It can be performed in conjunction with other on-site services.
  • An Advanced Assessment goes further, measuring the exposure level for each person in your workplace. At the end, we provide you with a full report that you can use to improve the productivity and well-being of your people. This report can be a valuable resource for your company’s health and safety plan.

3. Headset Comfort and Cleanliness Service

Maintain a clean, professional work environment

Headsets are important professional tools, but because they come into contact with the user’s skin and hair, they’re also personal items. To maintain a professional environment and keep headsets comfortably working, regular cleaning and replacement of disposable parts are essential. Our Headset Hygiene Service presents a proactive way to make sure your headsets always look and function at their best.

Replacement and Cleaning

The headset parts that come in contact with skin and hair, such as ear cushions, are consumable and are designed to be easily replaced. Other parts, such as the headset body, can be cleaned. Our headset Hygiene Service provides replacements for all consumables and a cleaning kit to keep the whole headset hygienic.

Dealing with employee turnover

When someone leaves your employment, you might be left with a valuable headset that’s still under warranty. But no one wants to use someone else’s headset. With the Headset Hygiene Service, you can make those headsets as good as new, lowering your total cost of ownership and improving employee satisfaction.

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