Letting your employees or call centre representatives use headsets in your business can help to improve your customer’s experience.

Here’s just 5 ways headset technologies can improve customer experience:

1. Call re-routing

CONTACT CENTRE TASK: CSRs need to leave their desks, too. But that shouldn’t mean customers are left waiting for someone to answer their calls.

BETTER CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: Keep your customers happy by answering their calls promptly. Through the Quick Disconnect feature re-route the call and ensure they’re never put through to an empty desk.

2. Improved voice intelligibility

CONTACT CENTRE TASK: Customers will struggle to hear your CSRs if their headsets cannot maximise voice intelligibility.

BETTER CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: Selective frequency-response shaping captures speech properly so it allows CSRs to better hear customers clearly the first time.

3. Screen lock

CONTACT CENTRE TASK: Companies may not be compliant with data security regulations if CSRs step away from their desks and leave key information on-screen.

BETTER CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: A CSR’s monitor shuts down as soon as he or she walks away from their desk, so customer data is guaranteed to stay secure.

4. Early warning system

CONTACT CENTRE TASK: Supervisors find it difficult to ‘listen in’ for insight into customer conversations without making CSRs feel they are being constantly monitored.

BETTER CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: Supervisors are alerted when conversations involve people talking over each other or the volume and mute buttons are pressed repeatedly.

5. Plantronics APIs

CONTACT CENTRE TASK: Companies aren’t able to integrate their own technologies into the contact centre experience to improve customer service.

BETTER CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: Developer teams can link headsets to productivity tools—like dictating text— to give CSRs more time to Interact with customers.

Source: Plantronics