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Hygiene, Care & Asset Management Service from IP Connect. 

IP Connect clean and service headsets, prolonging lifespan and protecting customers' investments.

Accredited Thought Leader in Voice Technology 2018/19

This programme, which is the first of its kind in Ireland, enables contact centres to reduce headset replacement costs by taking better care of existing assets.  

Hygiene Care & Asset Management Service from IP Connect

Asset Management: Every headset is tagged with a unique barcode, the date of the service and the make & model number is recorded.

Hygiene Service: Each headset is cleaned with a non-alcoholic wipe, foam Ear Cushions are replaced and leatherette Ear Cushions are cleaned.

Warranty Recording: The date of manufacture and the current warrenty status of each headset is recorded.

Health Check: General health check of the unit is assessed and recorded including headband, microphone, ear piece, cable & clothing clip.  Accoustic testing will be provided on certain models.

Reporting: A comprehensive report is provided which will detail your headset estate, the brand and model breakdown, the warranty, the condition, the date of the last/next hygiene audit and any suggestions for the unit.

Tracking Headsets can be a huge task for call centres
Hygiene Care & Asset Management Service from IP Connect

Why do I need a Hygiene, Care & Asset Management Service for my Headset estate?

  • Improve agent wellbeing
  • Show compliance and procedures
  • Track financial expenditure
  • Improve warranty management and waste control
  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce double purchase
  • Improve asset life cycle
  • H&S Compliance

Do you know what is hiding in your headset??

Headsets & UC Devices contain 500 more times bacteria than a toilet seat.  That is over 25,000 germs per square inch.


Health Risks Include the spreading of lice and infections due to the proximity of the headset to the users’ ear, mouth, noise and hair.

Commenting on the programme Debbie Cleary, Managing Director at IP Connect said:

“Headsets are an essential tool for contact centre agents, and managers want to provide their teams with functioning, hygienic products.  From an asset management point of view, giving our customers full visibility of their headset estate, is hugely important."  


“Our service will give our customers full visibility of their headset estate and make sure that even the most intensively used Plantronics headsets are kept in top condition, protecting the investments of our customers and the health of their employees.”

Contact Us:

This bespoke service is available to Contact Centres in Ireland with a minimum of 100 seats.  To arrange a site survey, please contact one of the IP Connect team today to arrange.

E: or T: 01 5649383